Drive your career forward – be your own boss as a Corporate Cabs driver

Originally published by Stuff, Saturday 6th February 2021

Be your own boss and create your own schedule as a Corporate Cab driver.


Even in the most fulfilling career paths, the appeal of the daily grind can begin to fade. Deadlines, negotiations, office politics, answering to the boss and never really having free time – it makes sense that many 9-5 workers reach a point where they want to step back from the routine and pursue their own interests and dreams.

Many Corporate Cab drivers have gone down this route. After years working in other fields, they come to Corporate Cabs looking for freedom and flexibility, without losing out on income. For many drivers, the thought of ditching the standard workday and setting their own schedule is the impetus for the change. For others, it’s about being in charge and not having to answer to a boss or supervisor.

CEO Cam Allison says that many drivers are motivated by the flexibility of the job and the income stream. If they have family responsibilities or other time constraints, they can choose to reduce their hours. On the other hand, if they need to save for a trip or other big expense, they can increase their hours and bring in more money. The income is not pocket change, either – some drivers bring in $2000-$3200 a week, adding up to a comfortable six figures over the year.

The company focuses on safety and reliability, smooth journeys and pick-ups that are on time every time, for executive-taxi and private-driver services, airport transfers and business travel. As Cam explains, quality service is key: “Friendly, courteous, offering a hand with the luggage – those little details make a huge difference to the customer’s journey.”

Corporate Cabs Drivers in a line next to their cars

Corporate Cabs drivers are at the very centre of the company’s business model.


Drivers are selected through a rigorous recruitment process. Cam and the team look for people who are not just exceptional drivers but take pride in offering high-quality service. Because so many Corporate Cabs customers are regulars, they also need people-skills – connecting with each customer is an essential part of the job.

The level of professionalism and polish required means that the job tends to appeal to seasoned professionals. Because they know how high-level businesspeople function, they are uniquely positioned to provide thoughtful, tailored service.

The professional, detail-oriented approach is clearly working for Corporate Cabs. Even last year’s COVID-19 lockdowns didn’t deter them – they took advantage of the downtime and upgraded their technology, introducing a convenient new booking app and revamping their website.

Despite the proliferation of cheap, easy, ride-sharing apps, there’s still a huge demand for Corporate Cabs services, and the company is always on the lookout for keen, motivated new drivers. At the moment, Wellington and Christchurch are particularly short of talent – there’s plenty of business for those who want it.

Looking for a lifestyle change? Get out of the office and onto the road as a Corporate Cabs driver. You get to be your own boss, set your own hours and use your professional skills – while still bringing in up to $100,000 a year.

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