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Environmental Sustainability – reducing our carbon footprint

Corporate Cabs is committed to improving efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Approximately 19% of New Zealand's total greenhouse gas emissions stem from the transport sector. This equates to annual greenhouse gas emissions of approximately 15 million tCO2-e.

As a national transport fleet operator, Corporate Cabs have identified an opportunity to "do their bit" to reduce New Zealand's transport sector greenhouse gas emissions by partnering with Energy Mad and Holden New Zealand.

The Corporate Cabs Offset Programme sources carbon credits (Voluntary Carbon Units or VCUs) from Energy Mad to offset the greenhouse gas emissions from their national fleet. The VCUs were created by the New Zealand Household Energy Efficient Lighting Projects. These projects were implemented by Energy Mad in partnership with regional electricity utilities and national retail chains and resulted in the discounted sale of more than 3 million Ecobulb® light bulbs.

The greenhouse gas reductions created by the project were independently verified by Det Norske Veritas Certification and resulted in the issuance of the VCUs. The remaining project VCUs are listed on the Markit Environmental Registry (formerly known as the NZX-owned TZ1 Carbon Registry), which is one member of a global network of environmental commodity registries.

The use of the Markit Environmental Registry to issue, transfer and retire New Zealand Household Energy Efficient Lighting Projects VCUs delivers the transparency and rigour required by the Corporate Cabs Offset Programme. View the registry on The Markit Environmental Registry website.

Corporate Cabs Sustainability Partners

Energy Mad

Energy Mad's mission is to "Lessen climate change by saving enough electricity to power Europe".

New Zealand company, Energy Mad, implements large-scale energy efficiency projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. These projects include the New Zealand Household Energy Efficient Lighting Projects and the more recent commencement of the energy efficient household "EcoSmartHome" project.

Visit the Energy Mad website.

Holden New Zealand

At Holden, we're on a journey. Heading in a direction that we like to call ‘Future Friendly'. It's about providing you with a range of cars that give you better fuel efficiency today, while continuing to develop next generation fuel advances that are more efficient and better for the environment.

With these new partnerships, Corporate Cabs is ensuring its sustainable future without compromising the principles that our great brand has been built upon.

Corporate Cabs Offset Programme Activity Reports